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Join our private community of motivated individuals just like you!

Inside the Consistency Club, dedicated individuals like yourself come together to meet and support one another, get answers to burning questions, learn from experts, participate in growth challenges and more!

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Most spa memberships charge anywhere from $97 to $497 per month for this kind of value.

But we decided to create one every client could afford for just $49.99/month

What Do I get with the
Consistency Club Membership?


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Membership Benefits

Unlimited Vibration Plate

50% Of Full Spa Menu

Access to our exclusive Contour & Restore Program

Bring a "First Time" Friend, and your Guest Can

Enjoy Membership Benefits


$15 Birthday Gift Card 

10% off Full Body Tone & Sculpt Tuesdays

10% off Accentuate Waistline Wednesdays

10% off Deluxe Tighten, Lift & Firm Thursdays

$10 Gift Certificate When You Refer A Friend Who Becomes A Member

10% Off 10 Treatment Package


Member Of The Month Raffle

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The Best Commitment You Can Make To Yourself!

Check Out Our Treatments

We can guarantee you've never heard about these solution treatments before
because it is our proprietary program that was five years in the making.


 Are you tired of losing and gaining the same
10 pounds over and over?

Have you been a victim of the corrupt weight-loss industry that has lied to you about fictitious jargon?

Are you filled with regret, and overwhelmed with guilt because of
weight loss? Mistakes that slow your metabolism, increase cravings and disrupt your mental health?


Doing endless crunches

Getting too little sleep

Ignoring signs of too much stress

Not timing your meals correctly

Ignoring your gut health issue

Overdoing it at the gym

Cutting way too many calories

Lowering your self worth

Not practicing self-care

You must be skeptical of this new found knowledge, you must be exhausted from trying new things, you could simply stick to the usual inconsistent ways in HOPE of a change…..

Or you could (like over 100+ members) use a tested signature process to position yourself to finally achieve your lifestyle goals.


Here's What Happens When You Join The Consistency Club

Break free of the non-destined hamster wheel that you’ve been on for decades

We target the scientific and biological root cause of your problems

Skyrocket your confidence

Experience pure joy and satisfaction in just weeks after you see how our program will work for you and imagine how you will look within three months to one year from now. 

Achieve powerful transformations and amazing results

You receive a ton of motivation, support, feedback, and real strategy

So consider this your invitation to re-create and design the lifestyle you crave. Together, we can learn and achieve our goals that not only bring out the very best version of ourselves, but also add value to the lives of others. 

Stop fighting alone. Become part of a powerful community with over 100 members who know there is no secret hack to overnight success… 
Purpose + Alignment + Consistency = Results

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The time is Now! 

The choice is Body Ethics Spa's Consistency Club Membership

The reward is the best version of you…. Are you ready? 

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