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Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy is a treatment that is also known as mechanical lymphatic drainage. It uses an air pressure machine that stimulates your lymphatic system by compressing and decompressing your arms, legs, or abdomen in a rhythmic motion, similar to a massage. The lymph nodes release excess liquid which may build up after surgery, so you look slimmer and more defined because there is less fluid. The treatment also eases aches and pains, reduces cellulite, encourages better blood circulation and detoxifies the body from a buildup of toxins.

Are there any contraindications?

You will NOT be an eligible candidate for this treatment if any of the following apply to you:

Cancer (all forms)

Undergoing chemotherapy or immunotherapy
High or low blood pressure (uncontrolled)
Diabetes (uncontrolled)
Chemical peels and laser resurfacing
Sunburned skin 
Heart conditions
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