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Body Wrap Therapy

Have you heard of our highly rated Body Wrap Therapy? 10 out of 10 of our clients would recommend it! There are different body wraps available to choose from depending on your skin type or desired goals for the treatment. Body wraps are applied for therapeutic, cosmetic and medical purposes and have been used for centuries to help relieve and prevent health concerns such as inflammation. One of the most popular benefits of this treatment is detoxification of the body, returning it to its natural metabolic balance promoting excess fluid drainage and increasing microcirculation for radiant skin health and cellular turnover, ultimately enhancing both health and beauty.


Experience a Renewing Wrap

Are there any contraindications?

You will NOT be an eligible candidate for this treatment if any of the following apply to you:

Cancer (all forms)

Undergoing chemotherapy or immunotherapy
High or low blood pressure (uncontrolled)
Diabetes (uncontrolled)
Chemical peels and laser resurfacing
Sunburned skin 
Heart conditions
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Real Results of Real People Just Like You...

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